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Nos centramos en la fabricación de relojes de madera durante muchos años, y tenemos una rica experiencia en diseño y producción. han ganado la confianza y el apoyo de muchos clientes

  • venta caliente de relojes de madera

    un buen reloj debe tener un buen movimiento, nunca le guardamos rencor al movimiento.  solo usamos movimiento de cuarzo importado y movimiento mecánico.

    venta caliente de relojes de madera

  • relojes de madera para hombre

    consideraremos diferentes escenarios de uso de diferentes usuarios, y luego diseñe cuidadosamente el reloj adecuado para cada escena. Refleja tu personalidad.

    relojes de madera para hombre

  • relojes de madera para mujer

    diferentes correas te darán una experiencia diferente, correas de madera, ligero y sin miedo a los cambios de temperatura; correas de acero, Con textura y durabilidad.

    relojes de madera para mujer

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Nuestros productos son completados por un equipo de diseño profesional y fabricantes de procesamiento de primera clase, garantía de calidad, satisfacción del servicio

relojes de madera al por mayor de china

hombre de madera diseñe su propio reloj de madera de cebra con sandalia negra de cuarzo japonés

fabricación de relojes de madera

reloj de pulsera de madera para hombre, cebra, nogal, sandalia, reloj de pulsera negro

todo reloj de madera

reloj automático de madera multifuncional para hombre para relojes de sándalo

reloj de madera de cuarzo bajo moq

reloj de madera hombres mujeres reloj de pulsera automático madera metal balanceo reloj relogio

reloj de madera al por mayor de fábrica

Reloj de madera de cebra original 100% natural fecha deporte de lujo naturaleza completa

reloj de madera de china

Nuevos productos logotipo personalizado reloj de pulsera para hombres reloj de madera de madera

reloj de madera de alta calidad

Moda impermeable de oro de cuarzo reloj de madera de acero inoxidable relojes de madera personalizados

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Cada noticia está cuidadosamente pensada, no solo para informarle sobre nosotros, sino también para brindarle algunos conocimientos sobre relojes, orientación de compra y conocimientos de mantenimiento, para que pueda evitar pérdidas innecesarias.

  • Aug 11, 2020

    Why you should use wingshow Watches
    Why you should use wingshow Watches

    Why you should use wingshow Watches Here at wingshow Watches, we are often asked, “what is the wingshow wooden watch?” and although that is a near-impossible question to answer, we are incredibly proud of the unique, handmade wooden watches that we produce. We believe that the wingshow wooden watches are those that have been built with loving care, which is why everything we produce is designed to offer customers with a high-quality product that makes you stand out from the crowd. Since our beginning back in 2010, we have strived to provide the very best products, and we are so confident in the high-quality wooden watches, Over the last four years, we’ve grown to create unique timepieces for men and women, and our watches are worn in over 35 countries! Are you looking for a bespoke, beautiful wooden watch? Check out our full range here. Wooden Watches for Men women’s Watches From unique design men's wooden watch to minimalist designs, our Nature inspired watches are made to complement a variety of lifestyles and personalities.

  • Aug 04, 2020

    Top reasons to wear wooden watches
    Top reasons to wear wooden watches

    Top reasons to wear wooden watches In recent years, the popularity of wholesale wooden watches has continued to rise. Not only are they proving to be a truly unique and beautiful timepiece for men and women to wear for any occasion, but they come with a number of benefits over traditional watches too: Sustainable As a society, the world is pushing towards a more sustainable and eco-friendly way of living. This is happening in every aspect of our lives, from reducing the use of single-use plastic to reducing our carbon footprint. This trend has followed into the jewelry that we wear, and one of the benefits of the best wooden watches is their high sustainability. Not only is it a completely natural material, but the processes involved in crafting a handmade unisex wooden watches is also far friendly to the environment than using traditional metal ones. Lightweight One of the most common reasons cited by people for not wearing a watch is that they do not like the additional weight around their wrist. This is a major factor in the increasing popularity of wooden watches, as the material is incredibly lightweight in comparison to the titanium, gold, and silver of traditional watches. Thanks to the naturally low weight of wood, wearing a wooden watch is considerably comfier than metal, and the timepiece is much less of a hindrance during your day to day activities. Truly unique Although there can be no denying the beauty of high-end luxury metal plus wood watches, when you purchase one you will be wearing the exact same product as thousands of other people around the world. On the other hand, a wooden watch offers the wearer a truly unique and one-of-a-kind product. Woodgrain watches have a natural beauty, and no two grains are alike, meaning that no two watches will feature the same shade or patterns. Even someone who is wearing the exact same model as you will have a timepiece that looks different, so wooden watches are the perfect choice for those looking to stand out from the crowd. Get better with age Unlike metal watches, which tend to look worn and dated after regular use, mechanical wooden watches get better with age. The more a wearer uses theirs, the more the wood will age; giving off even more of its natural beauty and uniqueness. Hypoallergenic Until they start wearing a metal watch, many people do not realize that they are actually allergic to metal. This is a common problem for many people around the world, with their allergies either causing a discoloring of the skin or, at worst, causing a severe rash or irritation. This means that they are unable to wear traditional jewelry, however, digital wooden watches are what is known as hypoallergenic. This means that they are made from 100% natural materials, and there are no toxic chemicals used in the production of the timepiece – meaning they are safe to use for people with sensitive skin.

  • Jul 28, 2020

    How to make a wooden watch
    How to make a wooden watch

    How to make a original wooden watch If you have never previously come across wooden watches for men before, then you may be wondering how they are made. Handmade Wooden watches are a truly bespoke item, and thanks to the unique grain of the wood, no two watches are the same. When it comes to making a wooden watch, the first decision is to choose the right wood, and typically this will be walnut, ash, or maple – although there are many different styles out there, including bamboo wood , olive wood , and sandalwood wood. Although the mechanism itself will be made from the usual materials and components that traditional metal watches are made from, the casing, face, and the wristband are made from timber. The clasps and fastening mechanisms are also usually made from a robust metal as well to ensure the watch can secure on your wrist.

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Nos especializamos en la fabricación de relojes y también en el procesamiento de relojes para muchas de las mejores marcas. Tenemos suficiente experiencia y tecnología para la producción de relojes para cumplir con sus requisitos de calidad.

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